Being fat shamed

I am 14 and recently I have been teased and bullyed when I am changing for gym. I play rugby so I am not supermodel thin. I weigh 160 pounds and I am 5’6 everyone who I have met that I have told this too(witch is about 2) has said that I don’t look like I am 160 and I know that my stomach doesn’t bulge out. And that my hips don’t muffin top but I can’t help wondering if that because I wear loose shirts and high rise jeans. My doctor says that my mass per inch is heavier than others so I may weigh in heavier than I look but I have been talked about behind my back and I have Extreme anxiety to the point were I can’t get out of bed. And I have adhd so I get anxious that I will get out of control and do something stupid. It has gotten to the point where I will change at home before school and not even go into the locker room. Any ways to cope with this.