Fight with husband over announcing pregnancy

I had a miscarriage in August. When I found out i was pregnant at the time we were so excited we told a few people. Then i had a miscarriage 1-2 week later. I found out in December i was pregnant again but this time i was scared. Scared i wasn't ready, scared i would miscarry again, scared what people would think if I did misscarry again. It was nothing like the first time. So this time I only told 2 close friends and my mom. I asked that my husband not tell anyone and my mom to do the same. Now my mom she has been pushing me to let her tell people and I keep saying no. First of all it's my baby and my pregnancy to announce not hers. I understand she is excited but it's not for her to share. I have a way I want to tell people and want to do it when I'm comfortable. I told my husband the same. Last week we went to dinner with his friend and he said something about me being pregnant. I asked what he was talking about, that's when my husbands face had the "o shit" look on it. I got very emotional and started to tear up. He had told his friend and his brother. I was upset but I understood because he said it wasn't fair I told my friend and he couldn't tell his. Now fast forward to this week. I'm 12 week Saturday. His phone had gone off and he was on the shower so I looked at it. It was his grandmother. I opened it and saw that he told her as well. This pissed me off to no other. I'm hormonal, pregnant and pissed/upset. I through his phone across the room and asked him wtf he did. He said "I was tired she asked and I didn't think to say no. I didn't want to lie. I want thinking" I got in my car and drove down the rd to the river. I needed to cook off and breath. I just became more upset though. I thought to myself "well she probably told his aunt who then also told his mother" came back home and we argued. I then slept on the couch. I heard his phone going off at 1145pm and I asked him this morning who was texting him that late and asked to see his phone. Sure enough. My best friend who is a guy and also his friend was texting him and my husband told him I was pregnant and that we were fighting because I told his grandmother. No I'm back to square one of being pissed to the point I said I was leaving him. I'm so frustrated and upset. Yes i did explain my reasoning to him for not wanting people to know and yes he said sorry but I'm pissed. I have been upset all day and cant seem to get over it. Would u be upset to? Please no negatively I dont need that right now.