Did I ovulate?

Anna • 👼🏻10/31/2018, 🌈 due 1/2020

I experienced a lot of of watery cm then a lot of egg white cm this week. I have also been cramping a lot. I took an opk 3 days ago and there was a line but not positive yet. Then around 10 am today I took one and it was a lot darker but still not positive. At a little after 6pm today, I took another and it was pretty light. I’m wondering if I ovulated yesterday when I didn’t happen to do an opk? Also, I had ewcm this morning but now it is down to being creamy and a bit sticky which I heard is a sign you’ve ovulated. I don’t know why I even bother asking questions because no matter what I’m going to overthink everything! Ugh ttc is stressful lol