Please help me with this

This app is my safe place. This is a place for me when I can ask and answer question privately so I hope y’all could help me out..

For the past year Up until like 3 weeks ago, I had been using a vape device such a juul. I’m 19 btw, still underage to use, I know but my parents dont know I do it. Anyways, I was sitting down with them at dinner the other night on the couch for like an hour and a half, everything was good and normal. I’m about to get up and before I do I take a look at the table and there’s just a juul pod, an empty one and I’m sooo confused at this point. Why haven’t they confronted me? Do they know what it is? Did they grab it by accident? My thoughts are leading me to think my dad found it in the car, brought it in to look at it but can’t figure out what it is. They just left to go do something and it’s still there, it’s been there for almost 24 hours just out in the open. I made it less distinguished as not being mine (carvings in the mouth piece) while they were gone so when they go to ask I’ll just play dumb. I recently quit actually but I guess a random one was lying around! When they do confront me, what should I say?