Cute guy at coffee shop.

Currently in a long term relationship but partner and I are completely different. Different interests, different personalities, different goals.

Well i really like to study in coffee shops because i can never focus at home. And i was just minding my own business when i was approached by a very good looking guy who started asking me about what i was studying. I had noticed him initially because he IS handsome but paid little attention because im in a relationship plus I’m there to study.

When he started asking me questions, i thought it was his lame way of just starting a conversation but then he mentioned that he is in the process of starting the nursing program im currently in.

For some reason, that just made him even more attractive. Especially because you dont see many men in Nursing.

It obviously ended there but it just made me realize how big of a difference it makes to have mutual interests. Kind of makes me wish i was single or that my partner was different 😭😭😭

SO and i met in school when we were both doing prerequisites for nursing but he decided it wasnt for him and I continued with it so i once thought we had a lot in common but it’s become clear over the last few years that we dont.

Just had to get it out because I obviously cant share it with anyone else 😩