In Laws


I'm 38 weeks and the arguement of my boyfriend wanting his mom in the delivery room has been an ongoing argument. I don't care for his family much and they haven't talked to me my entire pregnancy or acknowledged my presence when coming by.

I've said no a million times to her being in the room but he keeps bringing it up. I honestly don't know how to deal with his family and them meeting the baby if they just walk past me now when they see me.

SN: When I was 13 weeks pregnant we had a huge arguement and I was going to leave so he called his mom thinking she could tell him what to do. She told him to call the police on me to get me out of the house and to forget about me then went to Facebook making post about me. He didnt listen to her because we didnt need the police and we worked out our problems. But his mom and sisters said alot of things I couldn't forgive and I stayed silent the entire time. Since then no one from his side of the family has asked how the baby was or for an ultrasound picture or even offered to get the baby anything.