Third time... totally in denial.

Sooooo... I had my first two babies BACK TO BACK. They are 357 days apart. It was not planned that way but hey, God had a much bigger plan. Well they are now 18 months old and 30 months old... well since my second was born I have horrible chronic pain, constant cysts, etc. My doctor decided at the beginning of this year that she would do an abdominal laparoscopy because she felt at this point it had to endo.... I had the surgery 1/31. I did not heal well being a momma of two little ones and choosing to ignore doctors orders and pick them up. Ended up with a blood clot under my incision. Assuming that’s why I felt bad, and continuing to ignore the fact I haven’t had a period since 1/6... I decided to take an hpt test when I got home from work, just to eliminate that. THAT THING TURNED YES SO QUICK. And I do not understand how!!! My husband an I haven’t had sex since before my surgery and I had my surgery on day 26.... and on top of that we were not trying. I am wondering if it’s something else... but y’all... I got 4 positive pregnancy tests at like 10 o’clock last night. My mind is blown.