Tired of family

My baby shower is coming up Saturday. All my family cancels last minute after I've spent my money on everything🙄. My Grandma has a free local band concert she rather go to, my aunt randomly decided to go to Nashville Tennessee out of the blue when we only live 1hr 30 from there she can go any other time, my uncle and his wife decides to go to a hockey game that doesn't even start till my baby shower is over but they want to get at the beginning of the line so they going at the beginning of my baby shower.They don't even like hockey they just go for the free t-shirts! My mom is over the whole planning so everyone besides family I don't know because they're my mom's work friends. I have what 1 childhood friend coming and my 2 god mothers and their mom coming. Those are the only people I'll know that'll be at my own baby shower. This just sucks. I wish they would have cancelled before this late before I spent all my money on this baby shower. After my family decides to not be at my baby shower my mom gets a call from my grandma talking down on me saying i wasn't going to do my plans for my child (breastfeeding) And that I was screwing up because she doesn't think I'm going to breastfeed and I told wic I was so they not going to give me formula. Im not going to tell wic i need formula when i don't and Why can't I breastfeed? Why does she have to talk down saying i can't do anything. My family questions everything im doing for my child. Even her name and letting her dad sign the birth certificate! They have put no effort in being in my child's life so far so why are they trying to change my decisions? I'm just so tired of everyone.