Anyone else have an over supply of milk?


FTM here and will be meeting with a lactation consultant tomorrow. I just spoke with her on the phone because I didn’t know what else to do. I’m 5 days pp and my milk supply has already come in really fast. If I pump, I can fill one of those 2oz bottles in minutes with each boob. She told me it’s really soon to be able to do that and was super nice but I ultimately feel worse now. My son has slept through the day every day except today. Honestly nobody told me to wake him to feed him - they told me to go with cues, but then today a nurse and the LC said to wake him every 3 hours to feed. He’s not sleeping at night at ALL. She said that the milk could be coming too fast for him and it could be too much and she’ll have a better idea once we meet tomorrow. He didn’t lose a lot of weight I. The hospital either, which the pediatrician made it seem like it was a good thing. I didn’t know there was such a thing as too much milk, and I’m hormonal and sleep deprived and can’t stop crying because I feel like this is actually negatively impacting my baby 😞 I am not opposed to bottle feeding I just want to know my options and I wanted to give BF a try