FTM..over people. Raaaant.

Allison • Married to the love of my life 💍 expecting a sweet girl March 2019🎀

I am a FTM. Having c section this coming Thursday. But I am SO over the unsolicited advice everyone seems to throw my way. I’m over being told my own personal opinions are wrong..

Examples- the teething necklaces I see everyone and their brother put on their babies. If they work for you that’s incredible. But for me. I have a terrible fear that my baby would choke or be strangled by it. Therefore. My husband and I have agreed that we just won’t be using one. We just won’t. My husband and I have a friend who was appalled when we said we didn’t want to use one. Her baby is two and they still make him wear one. I’m so sick of “oh you’ll change your mind. I can’t believe you won’t use it. You’re crazy” 🙄🙄

Same thing w co sleeping! It goes back to my fear of suffocating my baby or something. I know there will be times she finds her way into our bed I’m not totally stupid but for the most part we want her sleeping in her own bed. Always. When I tell people that you would think I told people I killed her cat. “How can you not sleep w her?! How can you just let her lay there away from you. Won’t that make you feel like an awful mother?” Y’all. It’s ridiculous

OH and let’s add this one too.

We are fairly close w some members of our church..others not so much. I’m not rude I just don’t agree w some of the things they post or say or how they act..there is a woman there I don’t particularly care for. She will live stream our church services on her personal Facebook and like her other social media profiles. Again no big. Our church allows the younger kids to do a “change offering” where the kids collect loose change that goes to their program for snacks and supplies and the like. This woman puts her phone in every kids face and records them and posts on her personal fb live stream. Literally records them and their faces. Without asking parents. This woman invited herself to my wedding and live streamed it..I jokingly said for her to not even try to record/stream our daughter when she’s here bc idk people on her fb or her instagram. And she literally said “oh it doesn’t matter what you say. You’ll be too busy fixing bottles for you to even notice me recording!” Y’all. I can’t.

I had to speak to my pastor about how to handle it bc I saw red.

Y’all what do I even do? How do I brush it off?! What would y’all do or say? Lol

I guess I just needed to rant and vent. If you read it y’all are great!