Is it worth deep cleaning the house?


I am usually pretty on top of the cleaning. It is a constant race I never quite win because I have two cats and a dog. I also have 7 various reptiles and amphibians - 3 aquariums and 3 terrariums to hold these. I vacuum, dust, Clorox, windex etc 2-3 times a week, but it always is a little icky due to pets.

Just keeping up with the place is enough for me. I am fully prepared for baby, but I haven’t cleaned the rugs or baseboards or anything like that. It gets dirty again INSTANTLY, because the dog chews bones on and spits on the rug/wipes his eye crust on it/rubs his wiener or butthole on it. The cats are living dust bunny machines that coat the corners with hair. If I deep clean, it isn’t gonna matter. Or would it?

I have blankets and mats for tummy time and the baby’s room is off limit to pets, with a new clean rug in it. I plan on cleaning or replacing the living room rug when baby starts crawling. Should I not worry about this at 35 weeks pregnant? Or is there a good reason to deep clean before baby?