Anyone else have a teeny baby?


Hi all. So we have had to see an Internal Fetal Medicine Doctor in addition to my OB due to a bright bowel. The baby seems totally fine outside of that - blood flow and fluid all good- but at last scan (20 weeks) baby was measuring 20th percentile and and this last follow up it went down to 15th. 😢

Doctor basically said that’s still normal but he’s concerned about the downward trend. Basically told me to eat more and gain weight and take it down a notch on the workouts but i am so worried.

I’m very petite (5’1” 115 pre pregnancy) and was a small baby myself so a 6lb baby doesn’t seem crazy small to me but i have a hard time eating a lot and I’m worried it’s the placenta not functioning. I’m only 24 weeks and have a long ways to go.

Anyone else measuring small or have words of encouragement?

Appreciate it!