Should I be worried? FRER progression photo

Hi all!

We got our first vvvvvvvvvfl on 10dpo this past Saturday. We are absolutely over the moon, albeit a little surprised it happened so quickly. My IUD was removed on 1/24 and we conceived just two weeks later. Absolutely crazy pants. I’m coming up on 30 and hubby will be 32 this year so we were prepared for it to take us a few months. Mother Nature had other ideas, I guess.

Anywho, my FRER doesn’t seem to be progressing all that quickly and today’s line seems lighter than yesterday’s.

Based on other FRER progressions I’ve seen, it looks like on day 15 post ovulation (today) my line should be more pronounced.

I’ve already grown attached to the little bean and am terrified something might happen to LB.

I feel like this whole process is going to drive me nutty. And my OB won’t see us until I’m 10 weeks.

Thoughts? Reassurances?

According to this app, I’m 4+6 if that makes a difference.