My boyfriend never sleeps!!!


Hello. So me and my boyfriend live together, we also both go to college. So he has a horrible sleep schedule. He will stay up until 4am and then need to wake up at 8am to go to class. He doesn't have sleeping issues, but he does have ADHD. He stays up playing video games on his computer or watching YouTube . He is always tired and has memory problems, but still doesn't sleep. I have Tried to help him with this issue by writing a sleep schedule for him, setting alarms for him, and helping him wake up in the morning. None of this has worked and the problem has got so bad that he missed two classes this morning. I care for him and want him to be heathy and succeed in life, but I'm also frustrated that everything I do has not helped him change. 😫I feel like I am just nagging him. He even knows that it is a problem and still doesn't do much to fix it. It's affecting my mental health and sleep schedule seeing him not sleep. I just don't know what to do or feel about this situation. I want to just stop seeing it as a problem and just stop caring, but I can't. Does anyone have ADHD and have this issue? Can someone tell me what they would do? Thanks😊