Im not a victim im a warrior


The day before I was raped my boyfriend has a dream of me being raped. He told me he had a very off dream of me being with some other guy (mainly all my friends are guys) but the next day after he told me I went to hang out and talk to my friend about life and vent about how bad life has been. I thought I knew this person I thought he was a good kid but turns out he is not who I thought he was. He was throwing himself at me and I told him no stop I feel uncomfortable. He ended up sexually assulting me. I didn't really want to talk about it but I knew I needed to because I wasn't eating, sleeping going to school not wanting to work I felt sick. I was so scared to tell people I talked to a few people and I didn't want to tell my boyfriend over the phone but we don't have visitations yet so I had to I couldn't hide it from him. He has talked to people around him there one lady that acts like his mom said Bay is pretty anyone would do anything to get to her and she did everything she could do in her control and she is not a victim of sexual assult she is a warrior. She is a warrior for talking about what happened in a scary situation that she said no to and the person disrespected her knowing she is with you in a committed relationship with you. It took her a while to talk about it because there are no good ways to put it. But through all of this he is by my side, helping me through the pain I went through. And he keeps telling me your a warrior not a victim you did all you could in a situation you couldn't control. I have so much love for this man he has been there for me and has been there for the worst year of my life and has been helping me as much as he can through phone calls. It was hard to tell him but he is one of the biggest supporter I have along with his little brother. They don't look at me any different after being put through that situation and I couldn't thank them any more I love my boyfriend for helping me and I thank his little brother for being there to help me since he isn't physically able to be here. All warriors stay strong and keep fighting.