Should I go in?

vdm • HIE & NICU mama. Nail technician. Interracial family.

Background info about 3 weeks ago I had borderline hypertension and was tracking my blood pressure readings. Well on Monday I saw my OB and the reading I got was 126/82 which is the lowest it’s been in the past 4-5 weeks. So I figured I was in the clear. Well I ended up going to the hospital for monitoring about 3 ish weeks ago due to feeling like I was going to pass out and higher readings. I ended up being discharged 3 hours later since my numbers continued to decline.

I’ve noticed excess swelling in my lower legs, ankles, hands, and my eyelids. I have an annoying headache as well. I’ve also somehow gained 5 lbs in the last week??? But my doctor was not concerned about that. So I decided to check my BP at 2:00 it came back at 144/86, so I waited another hour at 3:00 it came back at 144/77. I’m waiting to test again at 4:00. The nurse who discharged me last time said to not come in unless the top number is over 150 or the bottom number is over 90.

If you were me and the next reading came back 140+ would you go in? Or just keep monitoring? I really hate to go in if it’s unneeded. Especially since I’m being induced on the 26th. I had an ultrasound this morning at 10:30 and baby was perfect, she’s still moving around.