45 Day Cycle | Weight Loss | Metformin | TTC


I recently visited my doctor because my husband and I are TTC for baby #2. I stopped the pill a few months ago but noticed my cycles were around 45 days and I wasn’t ovulating. Durning this time I have also tried to diet & exercise and have a hard time loosing weight but it’s very easy for me to gain weight. I also have notice hair loss and acne on my face.

I talked to my doctor and she said she would like to start me on metformin she said it would help with weight loss (as long as I exercise and maintain a healthy diet) and help regulate my cycle so that when I loose some weight I can start trying for baby #2.

My goal is to loose around 25lbs so that i can try to conceive for baby #2. I’m currently around 200lbs. I don’t want to be pregnant with all the weight I currently have and obviously I’m not ovulating lol

Any success stories? Any advice?