Bad News 😭


I just got my results back...negative beta!! 😑😭 I am so emotionally drained & upset. I don’t understand it. The doctor said everything went perfect! I just don’t get why our baby girl didn’t implant! 😓 I have never been so let down. We did PGS so we know it was a normal embryo. It must’ve been implantation. 😪

The Dr. gave us the option of trying again next month or doing an ERA to determine if we did the transfer at the right time or if the transfer occurred too late/too early. He recommended trying another time before doing the ERA, so that’s what we are going to do.

Luckily, he can get us in right away. I continue to take estrogen & progesterone for 3 days & start Lupron 20 units beginning tonight. I stop everything but the Lupron after Wed. I should have a period within 3-5 days after that. 😡 Once I get a period, I am to let them know & they’ll send me a new calendar. My next transfer should be between April 19-30 depending on when my period comes.

I am feeling so many emotions. I feel like I just lost our baby girl...all the plans we had for her. It’s so upsetting. But I am happy we get to try again next month & I pray that we have a sticky baby next time.

To all the ladies who are getting their BFP, I am very happy for you & hope one day I will be in your shoes.