Ex and his new girlfriend


My ex husband has a new girlfriend (I’m actually very happy about this). She seems to make him happy which, in turn, makes him much easier to co-parent with. For a little back story, he cheated or tried to cheat by responding to personals ads on Craigslist, back when you could still do that. I was also having a miscarriage at the time. For these reasons and many, many others, I chose to end our marriage. Along with that decision came guilt, wondering if I did the right thing on behalf of our child. I’ve also experienced a lot of grieving and sadness for the loss of what I thought my family would grow into. It’s been a year, I now work two jobs to provide for myself and my son. I’m not sure where I would even find the time to date. My ex met his girlfriend at work. I found out recently that she is surprising him with a trip to Vegas. My ex’s mom told me. And that’s when a lot of emotions came up. I’ve cried off and on about it for the past couple of days because it just feels... unfair? Trying not to be bitter or jealous. It just really hurt my feelings that he has someone in his life willing to take him to Vegas while I can’t seem to meet a decent human being to save my life. I really didn’t even care about dating until I received this bit of news. I’m actually a little shocked at my own feelings. Anyone else going through or been through something similar? Tips on making myself feel better?