Did anyone else experience early spotting? πŸ™ 4 weeks 1 day..


For the past 5 days I've been having brown spotting when I wipe. It hasn't made it onto my underwear, but I have been wiping more than is usual to check.

Sometimes it eases off to nothing, other times there's quite a bit and it's dark brown with some stringy bits (sorry for TMI) particularly after a bowel movement.

At first I thought implantation bleeding, but would that really last for 5 days?

I've had two chemicals and I'm just so, so scared this will be another. Although with my chemicals my tests got lighter first and then I started bleeding. My tests are still getting darker at the moment, though I haven't got 2-3 on a digital yet.

I'm sorry for waffling. I can't ring the doctor until tomorrow and I really need your thoughts and experiences.