I NEED HELP! I don’t know what to do 😢😢😢


So this is really not cry for help post, I just needed to get your attention!!!

So got engaged in November 2018 🎉💍🥰 and we have set a date for March 2020. We’ll we tried our final try for a baby and this time we got a positive 🎉🤗❤️. 6 weeks today and I’m due Dec 11th, but I just got a reminder from David’s bridal for my dress fittings appointment 😳🤭😬. This is where it gets tricky!!! I had planned to pick and buy my dress between now and September, giving me a good 6 month in advance of the wedding. Now we are about to have some body changes.

How do I buy a dress now not knowing what my body will do? Is it really easier to take a dress in if bought too big? What if I find a dress that looks good on my body now and I gain too much weight and can’t get it off in time to fit into the dress?

I guess I really do need your help.... what do I do??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!