Advice needed.


Okay so to start with this is about a now apparently, ex friendship.

We used to be cool maybe not best friends but definitely friends. Our kids are obsessed with each other and would play almost everyday.

Well a couple months after hanging out all the time she started to day things that were weird or I found to be untrue. Our husbands work together so my husband would come home and tell me about his day which included things about her husband. Well when she would tell me things about her husband I would mention things my husband said and unfortunately they didnt quite add up. She began asking me questions everyday about our husbands work. As soon as I would tell her she would tell me that I was wrong. To the point that she called me one day accusing my husband of messing something work related up with her husband. I began to realize that it was a my horse is bigger than your horse scenario. So I told her that I wanted to have a friendship that didnt involve our husbands bc I felt like we couldn't be close if we were involved in things that weren't about us. So she agreed and we moved on.

A couple months later we joined a group. Neither of us realized we had joined it until we both showed up a craft day. We were super excited. For the next couple weeks we had fun with the group.

All the sudden she became hot and cold. Not talking to me at meetings or being rude, then texting me the next day asking for advice or If I'd come over. It was so back and forth i just stopped responding. She then texted .e saying she was having some health concerns. We chatted and that was that. Then she told our group what was going on. Everyone offered their support.

Then she removed herself from our group chat.

Posted a thing on fb about how she couldn't fine real friends and she only had one fake friend.

Mind you we have a business chat she is still apart of so she still talks on that but is very argumentative with anything I say.

Then she deleted me from fb.

I reached put but she wont reply.

In a normal situation this wouldn't be relevant in my life but because our events are hosted in each others homes multiple times a week its getting awkward. I dont want to bring it up to the group were apart of bc it doesn't seem necessary but bc at this point she seems like she doesn't want me in her home and has stopped coming to things when I'm there it seems to be effecting things. I want to confront her but I dont know how, if I should leave it alone or what. But because this is a support group and our kids are always there they animosity in the room is very uncomfortable. Idk what to do.