Am I wrong?


My boyfriend has a learning disability, and so do his 3 kids. And we always get into this argument when it comes to the subject, because I know that all of them are so smart and are capable of anything. But because my boyfriend has always felt that he can't, he's kind of pushed it onto his kids as well. Well recently we got CPS custody of his daughter. I have changed my entire schedule, she is 6, I have put her in school and have done everything so far. I also have a 5 year old son who is a handful, he has been spoiled his whole life and my parents have not allowed me to be his parent since day one. Because everything that I did was "wrong" when I was actually being a responsible concerned parent. Anyways that's an entirely different subject and rant.

So I'm helping her with her homework tonight, and my son is being distracting for her, he was getting ready to leave with my mom, so I told her to just go play and we will do it when they leave. So they leave and I have her come back and we start on the same problem that we had just figured out half of. The problem was 31+20+40. Show your work.

So I broke it down...

20 and 40 take the 0's away and we have 2 and 4 that's easy right 6 add the 0 and now its 60.

I pointed on the paper to where to write 20+40=60 and I dont have any idea what she was doing. I told her again. And another 2 times, as nicely as I could on the 3rd and 4th times. Her dad comes and yells at me that I'm not being patient with her. I'm telling her what to write and where to write it and she's drawing lines? And then the whole problem out. I was confused about where she got confused. But I feel it was more her not wanting to do it so she chose to not listen which got us the results that we got.

*update to alot of the comments, her dad cant read well(no problem reading my long paragraphs as long as I dont use long/big words I dont normally use) he cant do complicated math like that, or chooses not to. See I feel hes capable of doing so he chooses not to. He chose to have his mom help her or shes just not doing it. I'm not sure tho. But she was doing well last week when we did her homework. Like I had said CPS is involved. They removed her from her moms custody, and she hasn't been in school since I don't know when. She was taken out at some point this school year. So I can understand her not knowing where the other kids are who have been learning all of this all year, and slowly working towards it. Where shes coming from a different school, city, and also not being in school. There has been alot going on, and I was frustrated with my own child being disruptive while she was trying to focus. My boyfriend also said that she could feel that I was angry, but I wasnt angry with her until she was just ignoring what I said. Which we have an issue when picking them up as well. I go get them, and my boyfriend has a truck. So I make them get in on one side. Whoever gets in first has to scoot all the way over. She will stop at the first booster and I have to ask her everyday to scoot over to a more age appropriate booster (shes twice the size of my son) and I park on the street, cuz my block only has one side of the street, and she will get out and slam the door, when they get out the same side, I got a little upset today. Because I have to tell her everyday. I love this girl to peices but she has always behaved better than my son and I hold her to that expectation, I hold my son to the same one, and I am the only one who does, because I haven't been allowed to be his parent so he whines and cries to my stepdad to get his way. (We currently live with my stepdad, he is supposed to be moving out and we get the house.)