Worst night eva!!


So I am 34+2 and had like the worst night eva and just need to vent a bit.

Guess the nausea and dizziness came back with a bang and accompanied by terrible heartburn it felt like I wanted to die.

I had to "sleep" basically halfway sitting up cause it felt like my food just wanted to come back up. And then hubby was in a sexy mood, so I felt so guilty knowing that as soon as baby is here, sex would be the last thing on my mind for some time 😂 So obviously felt that I had to give him some while I still can.

What a mistake😫 cause then all the symptoms just hit me and I literally froze for a few seconds. And from there it all just went downhill.

I just wish these last weeks would fly past, cause on top of being uncomfortable and in pain, I now have to be dizzy and nauseous all day with heartburn 😫