How did you find out your spouse was cheating?

Currently questioning my partners fidelity.. here's a few reasons why:

1. He was off work at 2:30 but didn't return home until 6:30.. given around 5:30 he said he had broken down and when I asked what he'd been doing he was like "I gotta go my dad is calling me"

2. Before his vehicle broke down..he said in a text that he was at the gas station.. however, when he called and told me his truck broke down that he didn't go to the gas station

3. Someone else cut his hair instead of me I've cut his hair practically the entire time we've been together, once he found out I knew how to cut hair, that was it and he'd only go get a haircut if he was gone for a long period of time for work. He said it was his old barber.. but a seasoned barber that literally does military fades probably a million times a day... Would know how to fade.. this person left gashes in his hair and didn't know how to fade.

4. He comes home from work no longer in his uniform.. and he's wearing gym clothes..but I know he hasn't been working out.

5. He gets mad over questions I ask.. like when his truck broke down and he got home he said "when it rains it pours" and I asked "why?" Like asking "why what else happened" and he got pissed off about it.

6. He's taking like 4 shits a day now.. he used to leave the door open and shat like 2 times a day.. and his shit stinks really bad . But now.. he's closing the door for his additional shits..and there's no smell.

7. We are rarely seen in public together. He plans guy weekends with his friends.. but suddenly doesn't know how to plan a weekend to spend with his wife. 🖕

8. If he goes anywhere to do anything it takes him twice as long as it use to.

9. He rarely kisses me or hugs me.

10. Hes cheated in other relationships prior to being with me.

So, how did you guys find out your spouse was cheating? What suspicions did you have prior to finding out? Do these behaviors sound as fishy to you as they do to me?