Ex boyfriend


So I was with my ex bf for 2 years. It was fun being with him... he’s the sweetest person in the world and treated me like a princess. We loved each other very much, but like all relationships we had problems. He has problems with depression, family, and he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life or where he’s going. I tried to help him with this for the time we were together, but all it made me feel was stuck and helpless. This caused a lot of on and off. Every-time we got back together was with the promise that he would do better, but it always came back to the same situation. The hardest part was that all of this didn’t make me feel less in love with him but it was affecting us. We were hurting each other. So we decided to break up for good. Now he’s trying a new relationship with a girl that he told me was just friend. This hurts me a lot. I feel like I could never make him truly happy. Now he’s trying with this new girls and apparently is happy. I still love him sooo much and I don’t know what to do. Should I just move on? Our friends in common say that he really want to try this new relationship. What about me? What about all the love that he said he had for me? I really miss him.