I think I have PCOS and my mother won’t take me seriously.

I’m a teenager and my periods are extremely irregular- doesn’t come for months and either very heavy and long or extremely light and short.

I experience acne and I have tried so many things to clear it up.

I’m growing side burns and hair on my upper lip. I’ve also been experiencing hair thinning with my hair and it falls out a lot.

Lastly my older sister (20) went herself to the doctors has just recently also been diagnosed with PCOS.

I tried to tell my mother I was having irregular periods and I think I needed to go to the gp, every time I tell her she laughs it off and tells me it’s normal for teens to have irregular periods and I’d just be wasting the gp’s time.

I feel like if I don’t go to the GP it’ll get worse or something and I hate being in this constant state of not knowing what is wrong with me. What can I do?