Too picky?


Am I picky or is this normal? I have dated many many men in the past 7 years.

Every guy I’ve dated in the last 7 years has had some really great qualities.

BUT I always find things (small things) that make me leave them and start looking for someone else. Small things that add up like—bad table manners, the way they dress messy, the messy state of there room/house, the way there house smells bad, the way they slouch when they walk, the way they step like an elephant really loudly, the way they talk really loud sometimes, they way they wipe there nose on their sleeve... All of these things are a turn off for me!

Don’t get me wrong these guys have many many things I like and love about them. Like- good job, family oriented, good friend circle, great sex, handy around the house...But I always leave them because all the small things fester in my mind.

I’d really like to get married eventually and have a family so I’m wondering if I’m too picky or what?

Are most girls this picky or do most girls just deal with the little things? Should I just suck it up?