Dear ****

You used me, So fucking much. And I fell for it everytime, Because I really liked you. You were the only person in the world I would’ve taken a bullet for and for some reason even though you have left and we don’t see eachother anymore, after you manipulated me, after you spent hours on end saying things to me that made me feel special but you were saying the same exact things to different girls at the same time, after all of that, even now, I’d still take a bullet for you. When I see you everyday, even if it’s for a second, it hurts. I want to hug you and smile but I also want to throw the table at you. So many times you fucked me over and so many times I went back, you had me exactly where you wanted me. And after I wouldn’t give you the pictures you wanted, you left. And you found a girl, she’s nice, pretty and definitely better then me all round. And I’m sure you might be using her too, until the big question ‘so, I’ve had a stressful day, I need to relax a little. Can you help me? I never usually ask for pictures but I thought it would be nice:)’. I’ll never forget that sentence. So, have you asked her yet? Or will you wait until she’s at her most vulnerable point? Fuck you