MIL Rant (long post)

So I’m sure this all hormones but I have to get it out. My MIL is very controlling and wants to be in everyone’s business. Long story short, she is going to do what she wants and wants her grandkids to see her as a “mom” over their own parents. Well she’s made comments about doing what she wants with my child and I am not the one. I will say something. Recently she changed her tune because I have put my foot down my entire pregnancy and haven’t budged. Now a friend of hers just had a grandchild and was complaining That the mother of the baby won’t allow her to be around all the time because the mom wanted bonding time with just the baby and father for a week or so. She was telling my husband about it and he asked her what was wrong with that? They got to meet the baby but the mom just wants some time to heal and bond with the baby. Not forever. My MIL got so upset and was like “well I’m going to be around the baby all the time” and my husband told her that “We” will decide on visitors and what “we” would like. Her response: you mean what “she” (aka me) wants to do.” 😒 my husband let her know we make choices together but this has always been an issue that it’s me to blame for it all. She only says these things when I’m not around. She has made comments to family about “who knows when we’ll get to see baby” but smiles in my face and says “it’s all up to what mama wants, that’s what’s important”. All because I don’t want people in the delivery room. Like yeah, I’d like to push a human out of my vagina in peace with as little spectators as possible, thanks.

We don’t live in the same city so her or anyone coming means her staying for a while and me entertaining them. Passing my baby around like a hot potato for hours while trying to be comfortable in pad like diapers and mesh undies. In her case it means staying for however long she wants. Taking the baby when she wants, holding the baby and trying to be the one to calm the baby. Then when asked to give the baby back her just saying “no” and trying to keep the baby. She even told me I’ll need bottles right away with formula so she can feed the baby...I PLAN TO BREASTFEED! I’ve watched this happen with other grandchildren with my SILs ans BILs but they don’t say anything. They just let it happen and complain about it because the drama is almost worse if you say anything. I am not the type of person who is about to let that happen. I am confrontational, and never have issues saying what I need or want. I just feel like You had your kids. Raised them. Please be there to help WHEN and IF I need it but do not try to take over.

If you took the time to read this, thanks! Sorry it’s so long. I just had to get it out there before my hormones turned me into a huge bitch.