So I have a 19 month old, and I am pregnant again 25 weeks... to make the story short I have been married 3 years.. and together 7 years... super abusive relationship in every sense.... from mental physical & financial abuse... we have a house together however he acts like the house is entirely his... he has hit me with both pregnancies.. and like every abuser he blames everything on me... puts me down and calls me fat etc.. noone knows but I applied for a studio got approved and I am moving out this weekend .. i am scared as can be... but I decided to start loving myself again and most important my daughters CANNOT be exposed anymore... my situation is soo tricky... I lost my mother in november ... lost my father when I was 18 he was shot beside me.. and I still managed to go to college... get a good job and maintain a family.. unfortunately w/ someone who does not love me or appreciate me... I am really scared you guys.. but this fear is the only thing driving me! he doesn't want to give me my daughters social or birth certificate.. so I have to take everything out myself again... honestly this is something so needed that the universe is making things so easy for me.. i am slowing starting to open my eyes.. please pray for me and my girls.. i want to be able to financially support them! And he tells me he wont help since he pays their insurance.. but my job was able to offer me a great deal for us three.. wish me good luck and pray for me you guys❤️