Birth Story...finally....3 weeks later 🤪


Long long long....enjoy 💗

Monday April 1st husband and I went on a long walk (~45 min) I remember telling him towards the end of our walk that something was coming out (almost like when you’re on your period). We get home & before I showered I noticed a small wet spot on my pad & my vagina felt wet so I smelled the discharge & it had no odor or texture, I figured it was normal. Woke up to pee at 1:30 am, 2:30ish & AGAIN at 4:15 am...I noticed quarter sized wet spots on my underwear that had leaked onto my shorts 😳 that had never happened husband left for work at 6:30am I made a joke that I’d see him in an hour because I thought it COULD be amnio fluid. He left, I tried to nap but I couldn’t so I got up to pee (7:20am) when I noticed blood on my pad 😨🤔😳. I started packing my stuff & had some breakfast. 8:10 I checked my pad & it had darker blood. 8:30 am I called my OBs office, they returned my call at 9 am & they let L&D know I was on my way (my OB wasn’t in office so they really didn’t have a choice lol). I told my husband NOT to leave work unless I was getting admitted. Drove myself to L&D...they triaged me, collected a urine sample & amnio fluid swab. Well sure enough the swab came back positive for amniotic fluid 🤩 and I was admitted! At this point (11:30 am) I was 2 cm dilated ~50% effaced. The nurses had me walking & bouncing on a ball (ALL day!!) to encourage SOMETHING but NOTHING happened 👿...Now because I wasn’t contracting I waited VERY patiently for my OB to put in some orders for whatever the plan was going to be (BUT she was in surgery all day 🙄).. Luckily my hospital has an OB hospitalist on call 24/7 (IDK why they waited sooooo long) but at 9pm an ultrasound was done to make sure baby was in position. At ~10:30 pm I finally received my 1st dose of oral cytotec and was told to try to rest as much as possible. Slowly I started feeling tolerable contractions. I received a 2nd dose of cytotec at ~3:30 am & contractions picked up in full force!! 😖 I had to moan into a pillow & focus on my breathing to get through them. I asked for fentanyl around 5am (which made me see double/feel took the edge off for a few minutes but honestly didn’t do anything as far as the pain). Right before shift change (6:30 am) my nurse gave me the “good news” that unfortunately my pain was going to get WORSE bc I was going to get pitocin 😳. At this point I knew that if couldn’t handle the current pain... I for sure was going to need an epidural. My new oncoming nurse proposed a plan to start the epidural, get me nice & comfortable & THEN start the pitocin. My anesthesiologists came into the room at around 7:45am & did an amazing job! I was finally able to relax and get some much needed sleep. Pitocin was started at ~9 am, At some point my nurse checked me and I had progressed to a 3 🙄 she had me use the peanut ball in between my legs and helped me into comfortable positions in bed. At ~12 pm I started feeling pressure (not contraction pain) just pressure down in my vagina. It was something I couldn’t explain to my nurse but it was making me start to get restless in bed so she checked me & I was a 6 😀!! The pressure was getting worse and I was gripping the bed handrails, crying hysterically & even shaking 😖. As exciting as it was knowing that I was getting close to seeing my baby...I couldn’t help but feel desperate and frustrated because the epidural couldn’t help me with the pressure I was experiencing. My nurse was also starting to worry because my pain was so bad...she called the anesthesiologist (~12:45 pm) to try to adjust my epidural (she was thinking I was still at a 6) while we waited for him to return she had me turn to my right side & again we used the peanut ball to hopefully this time help with the pain/pressure. This is when things got exciting real fast 🥵😳😥 WELL...the pressure I was feeling was intolerable to say the least & I felt so out of my body, I couldn’t control myself anymore..I told my husband to get rid of the peanut ball..I was getting super hot & I knew something wasn’t nurse came in & was confused as to why we got rid of the peanut ball she checked me again (thinking I was still a 6 🙄) & she was shocked to find out I was at a 10 & had no cervix left 😲🤩 I had progressed so fast!! All of a sudden a bunch of nurses came in to set up the room & it was a little chaotic especially bc my OB wasn’t near so the OB hospitalist came in the room to introduce himself in case he had to deliver baby girl. I started pushing around 1:30 pm. The pressure was so unreal 😣 one of the nurses helped me with one of my legs & I pulled on the other leg, I felt like I was making no progress, but it’s true when they say that pushing takes the pressure pain away! All of the things I had learned at the birth classes went out the door lol I was finding it hard to breathe in between pushing & I couldn’t hold my breath the 10 seconds of pushing...I was using every muscle in my body to get her out, I was crying, screaming, yelling at my baby to get out in Spanish 🤣 my nurses were so amazing to me & encouraged me so much! My husband was next to me & he did a good job at letting me do my thing lol...After what seemed like forever 😨😨 my husband let me know he could see the baby’s head & she had so much hair 🤩 I honestly couldn’t believe it because I felt like I wasn’t making any progress. My OB DID make it to my delivery & within 5 minutes of her arrival my baby was born 💗