Suspicious and Hopeful🤔😅


I'm late. For the past 9 or 10 months I've been on time or 1 day early or behind. My period was to come April 19th and end on the 22nd. I took a test the 22nd but it came out negative. But I still feel like I could be pregnant.Or just holding out hope lol. I read online that a period is considered late if it hasn't started 5 or more days after the day you expected it to start. So I guess now I'm really considered late. My husband and I are up for whatever. If I'm not pregnant it's okay but if I am then we're are happy and excited. I know nobody can tell me I'm pregnant but I was hoping I can get some insight and advise from you ladies who have gone through this or are familiar with this situation. At this point I don't want to drive my husband crazy with my speculations and really don't have any one else to talk to about it. Thanks bunches 😘