Bed, Tantrums and Naps


My son just turned 3 and up until the last 2-3 weeks, he’s slept pretty good (8pm-8am). He occasionally would wake up in the middle of the night if his blankets came off or couldn’t find his water, but otherwise, he was great. Now? He’s constantly tossing and turning, screaming every 2 hours that he needs me, and will not sleep past 6 am. Once he’s been up for about 3-4 hours, he’s incredibly irritated and ready for a nap, along with another nap around 1-2pm. Nothing has changed, his schedule, if anything, has gotten better and more fine tuned, he gets a snack about an hour before bed, he rarely pees in his sleep, and his room is set at around 72 degrees. (All things I could think of that would cause him discomfort at night and would wake him up)

Someone help, I’m 38 weeks pregnant and NEED my sleep, it’s like I have an infant again. 😫😂