My MIL drives me NUTS.

Let me start off by saying she was making my husband pay her $150 a week from the time he was 16 until he was 19 because she believed he should have to pay “rent” for a tiny bedroom.. which kept him from being able to pay for his car and insurance and almost lost his vehicle SEVERAL times. When he turned 20, he finally put his foot down and said it’s enough, he doesn’t live at home anymore and he doesn’t have to pay her anything. (Keep in mind she has a job and made him split his taxes with her every year and if she doesn’t get money, she acts like a bitch) Now that he doesn’t give her money anymore, she NEVER calls unless she wants something. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and every time I text her about the baby, she doesn’t answer but she’ll text days later asking for me to run to the store for her (which is a 15 minute drive for me and a 5 minute drive for her) obviously I tell her no, that I’m busy or something but then she gets an attitude and won’t contact me or my husband for days sometimes weeks at a time. He bought a car when he was 18 and she completely took it over and claimed her car was messed up and she didn’t have a way around anymore.. and she still has his car to this day.. I know you’re thinking well just take it back, but it’s not that simple. If you knew her you’d totally understand, she’s insanely selfish and greedy and when she doesn’t get her way she makes EVERYONES life a living hell. I wish we could just cut her out completely but she is manipulative and loves to play the guilt trip.. she tries to make everyone feel bad for her. She also drives me nuts by making comments on my pregnancy, telling me that I should have already gained 15+ pounds at only 11 weeks pregnant and my baby isn’t going to grow right and I’ll have a miscarriage. She makes my head hurt every time I’m around her, it drives be absolutely NUTS. She acts so nice around other people but once I got to really know her, I can’t stand her. I’m sorry.. I just needed to rant and get everything off my mind. It feels good to finally let everything out and be honest about how I feel.