False positive or evaporation line?

I took the pregnancy test yesterday around 11am and got this result, when I've NEVER had a second line pop up, even though its faint, never had one pop up. Later on I took another one and it was negative. Then I took one this morning and it was also negative and I started my period.. I'm wondering why that other line popped up and if anyone else has had anything like this happen and what they did about it. And I also took the ovulation tests. The bottom one was yesterday and the top one with the stronger lines was from today. I'm just quite confused on if I'm ovulating or not and what's happening. My doctor has been out for a month or more and the nearest doctor is an hour away! Me and my fiancee have been trying to conceive since October of last year and I take fertility pills which help with my period and make me more fertile. He thinks there's something wrong with his sperm so we got a $40 at home test so we can see what's going on. I just want to know if anything of the sort has happened to anyone else, thanks for taking the time to read!