Children's poems


This has been circulating around a couple Mom Facebook groups I'm in. This book of poems is available to purchase at Costco. Should books with poems like these (even if they are satire, jokes, or poem books directed to adults) be permitted for sale in a way that markets or makes them appear "child friendly"?

UPDATE: added a better photo of the poem.

Below is a description of the book

In the tradition of Shel Silverstein, these poems bring a fresh new twist to the classic dilemmas of childhood as well as a perceptive eye to the foibles of modern family life. Full of clever wordplay and bright visual gags--and toilet humor to spare--these twenty-three rhyming poems make for an ideal read-aloud experience. 

Taking on the subjects of a bullying baseball coach and annoying little brothers with equally sly humor, renowned lyricist Rhett Miller's clever verses will have the whole family cackling

***I do not think we should ban the book, my question was should books with satire or stronger themed poems be allowed to be marketed and sold towards children? The book for example "Go the fuck to sleep" is not sold in the children's book section and is clearly marketed as a joke book for adults.

Do you think this author slipped up and added a poem with poor taste? Or should the book be marketed differently?