Friend in love with a cheater who try’s to cheat with every guy she meets

Me and my husband have a friend who has a newish girlfriend that is a cheating whore ( sorry but that’s the nicest thing I can think to call her).. when they met she immediately moved in with him and they became girlfriend and boyfriend. That was about 3 months ago. Before we even met her we have heard from other friends she has cheated on him at least 4 times a couple times with his friends that she met after they started dating. (Literally having sex with one of his friends in the other room at a party). And she flirts and try’s to hook up with every single one of his friends. He forgives her and takes her back every time. He is 26 and this is his first girlfriend.

So already me and my husband were already not liking this bitch before we even met her. So we go on a big camping trip and they are there. ( first time we met her) The whole time this bitch is giving me dirty looks and she is trying to talk and flirt to my husband he keeps obviously ignoring her and giving her one answer responses because we don’t like her(I was surprised she didn’t get it) She even had the nerve to ask my husband what bra cup size he thinks she is this was in front of me.

My husband looks at me and we laugh like is this girl serious who asks someone that.

A couple days later my husband gets a text from a random number saying “hey” he shows me and asked if I know the number and I didn’t. So he asks who is this. And she say Bridgett. We immediately know it’s our friends girlfriend. My husband asks how did you get my number and she says she took it out of her boyfriend phone. He says “don’t text me”.

At that point it became pretty clear everything we have heard about her is true she really does try and flirt and hook up with every guy.

He immediately calls his friend and asks about it. His friend is clearly confused that she is trying to text my husband but immediately makes a excuse saying she probably just wants to get closer to my friends

( we are thinking sure at least your guy friends because she didn’t text me)

Has anyone ever met a girl like this? Should we even try explain to our friend that this girl is trash? How would you deal with a crazy girl like this?