Today I was suppose to get married...


It was suppose to be the happiest day of my life.

It was suppose to be the start of our future together.

You said you loved me.

I believed you.

I was wrong.

You cheated.

You wanted to have unprotected / unsafe sex behind my back.

You didn’t care about my feelings, our future, anything.

You threw everything away and then blamed me for giving up on us so easily.

Today I kept myself busy trying not to think about what this day was suppose to be. Tomorrow, I hope I can finally move past everything.

And maybe one day I’ll be with someone who isn’t anything like you.

THANK YOU ALL for showing so much support. I really really needed it. My family hasn’t been as outwardly validating and I have been feeling pretty alone. You are all so amazing 💙💙

Commenting again because I’m overwhelmed with support. You are all right, I missed a horrible marriage and avoided having children with him. It just really hurts right now because I owe over $10,000 in wedding bills ($6,000 for cancelling the venue ugh) that I cannot afford. It’s been completely awful picking up the pieces and I feel like I’ll be stuck here for a while. I hope one day I can get unstuck.