Early pregnancy freak out!!!!


Anyone else freak out about every twinge pull tingle around their abdomen right now?!

I’m 4 weeks 4 days preggaz and I AM FREAKING OUT!!! I’m normally really active, swimming and yoga and don’t do these lightly. Since finding out we’re having a baby I’ve carried on as normal with that but now freak at any twinge. Today I stopped doing yoga bc I felt a strange pull stretch twinge about an inch below and to the left of my belly button. I stopped straight away and now going to see my out of hours GP as I’ve convinced myself somethings wrong. No severe pain no bleeding but you just don’t know do you!

Waiting for our first midwife appt at 8 weeks is taking forever, I just want to know everything’s ok! Hats off to you ladeez keeping it calm right now!

I never realised I’d be this worried all the time. You get so consumed by ttc you don’t really think about this bit!