Seems like everyone is pregnant but me!

Michelle • 37 year old mum of 4-year-old daughter conceived after a year. TTC #2: Missed miscarriage at 7 weeks July 2019 after a year of ttc. UK

So I'm 37 and currently trying for baby number 2 (I have a 4.5 year old). Been trying for nearly a year now and all the disappointment is really starting to get to me. What doesn't help is that everyone seems to be pregnant but me lately! From the mum's on the nursery school run, to colleagues at work and even close friends!

Then there are all the comments from people who don't know we're trying like "when are you going to have another?"... If only it were as easy as just making that decision!

I know I really shouldn't be too surprised with my age and also that it did take a year to conceive the first time, but I had kind of convinced myself it would be quicker the 2nd time... Like my body would have remembered what it needs to do or something!

Maybe I left the gap too big before trying again?

I think I'm going to go and see my GP next month to see if there is anything we can do, but as I already have one child I'm not sure how much help we'll get on the NHS.

Are there any others on here in the same situation?