can’t forget about husbands affair//wanting to revenge on homewrecker

A little backstory:

We’ve been dating for 7 years and finally got married back in December.

I moved up to his city, from mine leaving my friends and family.

He got me in his job at a restaurant that he just started at as well.

Me naturally being the genuine nice girl that I am, I say hi to everyone with a smile and try to engage in conversations with everyone.

THIS ONE FEMALE however, Was a little standoffish to me.

As months go by, She did a lot of things that bugged me.

The absolutely FIRST thing that started annoying me about her was that I noticed that she didn’t want to talk to me and only wanted to talk to my husband and be around my husband.

Keep in mind my husband is a social butterfly is also extremely sweet to everyone.


She bought him candy after he got into a car accident and gave it to him when he came back to work (Which he was perfectly okay after)

and she didn’t even bother to come to me and let me know that she gave him candy, not even aware whether or not I was in the car too?

And numerous times after that, when I tried to start a convo with her, she kept her back faced me and she’d just eye me and not say anything back, She gave me attitude, She shoulder checked me twice for whatever reason, She’s bumped into me almost dropping a tray that I was running etc. She even told him she didn’t like me when he confronted her after seeing us mad dog eachother at work.

I’ve told my husband multiple times of all the things she has done to me and it was so constant that we got in the BIGGEST argument we have ever had.

A few weeks later our co worker then messaged me telling me that that specific girl and my husband had hooked up and had sex.

I was COMPLETELY torn. I felt like my heart got ripped right out of my chest and I felt worthless, that night his friend took him out to dinner because he wanted to talk to him and he told him that I need to stay home. He came home and I let loose. He really convinced me she was lying to me and his friend even came back to the house to confirm with me.

So I believed him.. We slept on it and the next morning he confessed and told me the truth. He said it was all out of anger towards me because I kept thinking something was up between the two that he wanted to give me a real reason.

I hit him multiple times and cried and threw my ring, after a few days he insisted we go to church, get marriage counseling there and now we’re doing better. But I CANNOT get it out of my head. Everyday I think about it WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO.

I mean who wants to think about that stuff?

No matter how hard I try, Things just remind me of the event that took place between the two. I see a black volkswagen and I get upset bc that’s the same car she has and they fucked in. Anyone who looks lightly like her, Everytime I pass the place it took place in etc.

I feel like I’m not letting go because I haven’t had my piece in confronting her.

I feel like I want to beat her ass but that isn’t me as a person. I’m very sweet and forgiving but I want her to feel as shitty as I did.

Don’t get me wrong, My husband already got his wrath from me.

I’m just so upset with her because she knew we are MARRIED. Everyone knew. She only met with him because she knew it would hurt me. Everyone at work despised her for it because they all truly liked me as a person. And she’s flirted with everyone’s husband/boyfriend at that job.

I quit before even showing up for my shift the next day and the managers understood and left us as rehireable due to the situation.

Is it bad that I want her to feel like shit?

Is it bad that I want the whole world to make her feel like shit?

She treated me so bad and I just continuously let her because I’m too nice to say anything.