Big babies


What is your providers policy on taking big babies early?

I just learned yesterday that my provider won’t take a baby early just because they’re big. He also told me they don’t take babies until they are ready unless there are issues with me or baby so even if I’m past 40 weeks they won’t take him if he’s healthy 🙃😭 but this is beside the point. This worried me a lot because I know for a fact I don’t want a c-section (I won’t have any help post delivery once husband goes back to work after birth), but if my baby is big my provider pushes scheduling a c section.

For the record, my provider does not listen to or really care about what I want or what’s important to me, so I am already anticipating this scenario taking place. I have tried switching providers, but they won’t let me unless I switch offices and that isn’t really an option for me due to location.

I’m only 22 weeks at this point so I don’t even know if he will be big, but I’m such a worrier and am afraid I’m going to be forced, or bullied, into having a procedure I don’t really want just because my baby might be big.