I want to send my ex a fake STD text

I won't but hunny he deserves it. He's back to fucking under age girls again and even tho it's against the law, he lives on a reservation so it's justified in some twisted way. He was 18 and they were 13 he's 22 now they're 17-18 (same girls from when he was 18). His ex from 3 years ago (she's 16 now) messaged me saying he left you. I ignored it, but why am I being talked about by her? Wouldn't be surprised if he's telling the girls he's fucking that I cheated on him for sympathy sex from them. Truly is disgusting and I want to send the fake STD text but know I shouldn't. Let all this go and be the bigger person. Let them have my name in their mouth and let him say whatever he wants, not surprised. If he gets kicked out again like he did before before messing with under age girls, he can handle himself

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