Fight, boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend got into a fight cause I told him to block a girl on snap cause she sends him revealing pics and he did but little did I find out when we get into arguments he’ll go n snap her

We’ve been fighting about this for 3 days and I’m still angry about it n trying to make distance from me he also has lied to me every month n every week of our relationship we’ve been together two years

Today I brought up that I was still mad about it n asking how n why he could do that n lie to my face about it, I kept getting in his face n he choked me and hit my head against the wall n stepped on my feet really hard (I’m about to tell people he hurt me)

I want to break up w him but part of me doesn’t, please tell me how I can stay away from him so that I’m not manipulated into getting back w him or I’m not tempted to

I’m trying to be 100% done w him

(I’m really sorry I didn’t know where to post this)