Juicy sex in a movie theater💦👅


First this is a true story💁‍♀️

So one night my now fiancé and I were having a date night and decided to go to the movies we were seeing Madea’s Christmas we got our tickets and walked into where our movie was playing I was shocked to see it was completely empty we took our seats and waited for the movie to start no one showed up so here we are sitting watching our movie and he looks over and says you wanna have some fun? I said what if we get caught or something? He said that just makes it more exciting so I was like what the hell? Let’s do it! We started kissing and feeling on each other he slid his hand in my pants & passed my thong he started rubbing me and then fucked me with his fingers real hard I was moaning so loud & I started rubbing him feeling his big cock against my hand, I undid his belt and slid my hand in his pants and underwear I started stroking his hard cock real slow & got faster & faster while he was still shoving his fingers in my pussy very deep in and out, in and out it felt sooo good! He then asked me to suck him off so I got on my knees & took his whole length in my mouth I sucked him really hard licking the tip teasing him, he then told me to fuck him so I got on top of him my knees facing the theater seat in front of me I started riding his hard cock really hard & fast holding onto the seat, I was so nervous that we were gonna get caught but it just made it so much more exciting!! I bounced up and down feeling him inside me going deeper & deeper, faster & faster moaning but trying not to be to loud I knew he was getting closer, I said cum for me baby and then he did I felt all of his cum enter me it was amazing and so much fun!! We then sat there and watched the rest of the movie needless to say we had no idea what was going on but damn we’re we satisfied!👅👅👅 hope yall enjoy!😉