Do You Think This is True About Oral Sex?

So I met a guy through a dating app. We seem to have clicked together (at least through messages). Basically, he told me that any girl that does not perform oral sex to a guy is a huge red flag, from a “man’s perspective” he said because that means she’s selfish and turns sex into a treat for him. He said other girls have told him that men should to stay away from women that do not perform oral sex to guys. He shared that all the relationships he’s had with women that do give oral have been nice and the ones that didn’t, those relationships were full of arguments and not good. So he said he doesn’t give chances to women that don’t.

I’ve never done it to a guy or have been comfortable receiving it because my only ex never helped become comfortable with it and other guys I’ve met never stuck around long enough to help me either. Also, I personally think it’s just really intimate and I don’t want to do it to just anyone. I’m not closed off to it, but it’d take me time. I shared with the guy that I was abused as a kid and it’s one of the reasons why I take it seriously and not sure if I’ll ever do it.

He still told me what he did even after I shared that with him. He made me feel really bad, as if no guy should even turn to look at me or pursue me just because I do not give oral.

What do you all think?