Interpret my dream??

So I had a dream last night that I got back in touch with three exes, as in I wanted to see where they were in their lives since we broke up. The first two exes I called are completely made up in the dream. One of them had become a heroin addict, I visited him and he went completely crazy and I ran away.

The next was an ex-chef who was facing jail time and I was also disappointed.

The third ex that I called actually exists. We broke up about two months ago because he said he was depressed and needed to make himself happy before he could make me happy and be in a serious relationship. So he broke up with me and after various fights and me trying to make it work I stopped contact with him all together so that I could finally fall of of love and move on (all this is real).

ANYWAY in the dream I called this guy and he answered. I didn’t think he would. I don’t remember the conversation completely but it seemed mundane, like I think he was telling me he’d had problems with his phone. But in the dream, I was so happy in my mind that he had answered and that I could hear his voice again.

So what do you guys make of this? I am still in love with him. But I have been forcing myself not to reach out and message him (even when I was drunk the other day I stopped myself) it’s been almost a month and I am still as in love with him as ever. I wanna know if it’s returned on his end, but I am too stubborn to ask or bring it up. He did message me the other day and ask how I was but he didn’t reply to one of my messages so idk, maybe he thought my response was cold and decided not to reply??