i don’t know..

I’m sitting at my friends house about to cry my eyes out because I feel like a shitty girlfriend. The other night I was drunk/ high at my friends house and my friends brother ( nick he was also high ) asked me if i wanted to come in his room while he was about to go to sleep so usually we do that. It’s a thing because I lived with her for 3 weeks and I would go and talk to him and vent. So this time he was super touchy.

So we were on his bed he was taking my hat, he also wanted my phone and I wouldn’t give it to him so he pulled my legs up to one side of his shoulder and I was wearing shorts so I quickly moved back and scooted to the edge of the bed and he used his legs to pull me closer to him. Eventually he started tickling me and I was like no and pushing his hands away. Then he wanted my phone so I put it in the waist band of my shorts and my shirt was really long and I didn’t have a bra on so he was trying to get it and his hand went up my shirt a little and I moved his hand quickly. We eventually were just sitting down and I tried getting up to do something and he trapped me with his legs so I couldn’t get up, eventually I got out of the bed and started just cleaning so I wouldn’t be on the bed with him. Eventually he got up and pushed me on the bed so I wouldn’t be cleaning. Then he’s like ‘let’s watch something’ so we started watching Dr. Phil and he was trying to get me to lay back basically on him and I resisted and leaned against the wall instead. So i’m not too sure but it seemed like he was trying to get me to sleep with him in the same bed but eventually I was thinking it was wrong and decided to leave.

ok so more might’ve happened but i was also intoxicated and i just remember the other events because i wrote them down in my phone the night it happened. but i just don’t know what to do..