TMI WARNING! Any moms trying breastfeeding after taking out nipple piercings experienced puss coming out of the holes where the piercing was???

I am due at the end of July & would love to breastfeed but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to, I took my nipple piercings out in December and discharge still comes out in tiny amounts from the piercing sites & im wondering how I can get it to stop (inserting a photo to show what im talking about in case anyone knows) I don’t think its an infection bc its not painful at all, no swelling (aside from the tiny bumps that developed on the side if the piercing but im not sure if thats normal) i clean them every day with antibacterial soap & peroxide, the discharge has no foul smell it just looks like the same white discharge that comes out when you pop a zit, the little bump gets bigger and when i squeeze it the discharge comes out (sorry for the gross TMI)